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Name:Sandra Geroux
Company:WOWplace International, LLC
Title:Founder & CEO
Address:3760 Manteo Circle
Country:United States of America
Phone No:4078561188
Cell No:4043425518
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Sandra Geroux
Sandy Geroux - helping you Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace!

Sandy Geroux, M.S., is an award-winning and motivational leadership speaker, trainer, and author who delivers engaging keynote and training presentations to help leaders implement everyday actions that inspire team members to create exceptional experiences for everyone around them. Sandy has helped over 25,000 attendees in 125 companies activate a culture of WOW by finding ways to encourage creativity, tap into hidden talents and interests, and create a culture of respect and service. Her interactive programs overflow with ideas and tips to raise employee engagement and customer service; attendees describe her dynamic speaking style as enthusiastic, energentic, and extremely motivating!

She is also the creator of Leadership BingoTM, a proprietary leadership assessment tool that helps participants quickly assess their strengths and identify any gaps in their leadership skills or their consistency in applying those skills to everyday workplace situations.

Sandy does not try to tell leaders how to do their jobs better - they are the experts at that, or they wouldn't be in leadership positions. Sandy is an expert in making people feel connected, engaged, and motivated to perform on a higher level. She has worked on both sides of the leadership equation for over 30 years and brings deep insights from both the leader's and the team member's perspective, helping them build a bridge to understanding the workplace experience for every member of the team.

Her prgrams for leaders help them uncover their leadership "blind spots" and master the necessary skills and habits to strengthen their relationships with their teams. Her programs for team members and support staff inspire them to put their own challenges and frustrations into a new perspective. She also helps them understand the leader's pressures, challenges, and viewpoints, inspiring them to go the extra mile to find hidden WOW's that add up to exceptional experiences for customers and each other.
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